Saturday, 10 June 2017

What's Planted 2017

It's already the second week in June! Planting got started far later than usual - in fact, we haven't even finished putting in all our potatoes. So far we have 30 hills of potatoes planted. I also planted roughly 15 metres of carrots (seed tape), 2 packages of beans (one improved golden wax, the other black valentine), and a few volunteer onions round off garden 1. In garden 2 we have 3 double-rows of peas, a dozen tomatoes, and some more volunteer onions. Around the house we have raspberry bushes which have multiplied, strawberries, oats, wheat, and beets (cylindra). I also planted something else but I honestly can't remember - I did mark it though. I am quite pleased with my garden this year, which is in stark contrast to last year. This year's garden is varied, full, organized, and will produce enough to share.

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