Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Quick Methods of Preservation

I recently published an article in the local paper about the quickest methods to preserve all our garden veggies, out of necessity. I'm heavily-pregnant and don't want my vegetables to spoil while I'm busy with a new baby! Naturally the fastest methods of preserving are:
1) Freezing without blanching (veggies can last 6 months like this)
2) Freezing after blanching (a bit more time, but they'll last longer in the freezer)
3) Pack in sand in a root cellar (if you have one, and this option isn't available for all veggies)
4) Slice and dehydrate (only fast if you have a slicer and a dehydrator)

Since I'll be relying on the above methods after baby is born, I decided to invest my time in the more time-consuming methods of preservation while I was still able, namely canning. Some canning recipes take up more time than others, too. For example, making a relish takes longer than simply packing in brine. I learned that last year when I overtaxed myself making hundreds of "fancy" recipes instead of just making sure things were preserved. On the plus side, I ended up with more pie fillings than you can shake a stick at!
So what are your favourite methods of preserving the harvest when you're short on time? Fave quick recipes? Comment!

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