Thursday, 6 August 2015

Garden Status August 2015

Just so everyone realizes, when you read a mostly-gardening blog, expect very few posts during the height of gardening season!

My garden is doing quitte well this year despite ALL my broccoli bolting and a terrible storm flattening my corn. But the silver lining is that I can save my broccoli seeds and the corn stood itself up again with no stalks lost/uprooted.

So far I have picked 5 raspberries (I have only 2 canes and this is their first year of production), 3 zucchini, lots of peas and a whole grocery bag of green beans. My beets, carrots and rutabaga look like they are doing well (because I actually remembered to thin them) and we plan on having more potatoes than we can shake a stick at.

Of course I have been gifted zucchini from several people and hope someone will offer apples again this year. Sadly though, there were no saskatoons at the lake due to a late frost, but it didn't hinder the chokecherries, which I picked 24 cups of.

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