Saturday, 6 May 2017

Spring Update 2017

Last year my garden did so well, I guess it took up all my time so I didn't post! In all honesty though, I was very pregnant, exhausted, and hated what I planted. Way too many pumpkins and squash and I couldn't even bend down to thin my carrots.

This year though, I have no excuses. I am done having children (three girls is enough, thanks!) and I have the summer off from work at the school and University classes. We will be tilling this weekend and planting the early items (peas, onions, and the rhubarb is already on its way). My parents-in-law will be here in a couple weeks, staying until July (omg). My mother and I co-planned our gardens so that we have enough for both households. We'll be doing all the potatoes here, for example, because we have no potato bugs. My oldest girl will be helping her grandma with gardening - this helps her learn, and helps my mom's poor back. Win-win!

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