I will be compiling lists of FREE Canadian homeschool resources. Some of these free resources are useful for those in the USA as well. Mostly I post things relevant to my situation, and I have very young children, though there are a couple links for teens and older kids too.

Kids of Integrity  - free lesson plans and parent guides to teach children about different virtues (this is a Christian-based site).

Printable Folding Booklets of Nursery Rhymes - my preschooler loves these. They can colour them and then sing the song. Most should be familiar.

Bible Story Minibooks - many printable folding books for preschool Bible story lessons, all free.

Three Months of Preschool Lesson Plans - I compiled these lessons myself. There are optional Christian activities for each week at the very end. Each lesson includes a creative element, math, literacy, something to enhance learning (such as a Science experiment or video) and an extra activity if you have time.

Field Trip Ideas - I compiled this list myself. Brainstormed list of places to take young children for learning.

Kid-friendly recipes - Edibles that young hands can help make. Musical Activities - another list I compiled of different musical instruments and games that little ones can play. It's certainly not exhaustive though!

Teaching Shapes - A basic overview of how to model a lesson so small children GET IT. Repetition is key!

Financial Guide Age 5-6 - This is a great guide and lesson plans for kindergarten children to learn the foundations of money and counting.

Financial Guide Age 7-8 - Same as above but for grade 1.

Financial Guide age 9-12 - Guide and lesson plans for children in grades 3-6 learn about money and the math that it involves.

Financial Guide age 13-15 - Guide and lesson plans for children in grades 8-9 learn about money, credit, and more complex monetary issues.

High School Geometry  - great information here on trigenometry, circles, angles, and everything else we've forgotten. Brush up before you teach it with this website.

Tech Books  - this website gives away 101 free technology books each month. No catch, no spam, just log in once per month and evaluate any free books you win. Great variety of subjects for high school kids.

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