Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Making Yogurt

Everything tends toward disorder, says my father. That's why it feels like we're constantly cleaning house! Well the same principle holds true in the biological/chemical realm, which is where we get fermentation. Today we're going to use that to our advantage to make tasty homemade yogurt.

What you will need before you start:
- a non-metal mixing bowl and spoon
- store-bought yogurt (any size) which contains NO colours, flavours, sugars, or pectin. It must say on the container "contains live cultures" to work!
- milk
- honey to taste and your favourite berries

1) To the milk, add the store-bought yogurt (one part yogurt to six parts milk).
2) Heat mixture a little higher than room temperature. Behind the fridge is a good place, or in a very low-heat oven or on a heating pad. Keep heated for 4 hours for mild, drinkable yogurt, or 8 hours for dense, stronger yogurt.
3) Set aside some of the yogurt to start your next batch
4) Add flavours to your yogurt and put in the fridge and eat up!! Yogurt should keep in fridge for up to two weeks.

Please note I am learning along with you. I have not tested this recipe out yet - I will be making it today. Please feel free to leave comments, how your yogurt turned out, what "tweaks" you did, etc.!

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  1. Ok here are my tweaks! Yogurt came out GREAT, but a little thin for my tastes.
    - I boiled the milk beforehand, because supposedly that makes thicker yogurt.
    - Kept it in the oven and every hour or two, turned the oven on to heat for 30 seconds, just to keep the temperature up
    - I stirred it after the process was done, which made it thinner (forehead-slap)
    - added about 1/4 cup honey and some chopped blackberries and strawberries for taste. YUM!