Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Raspberry Wine

I've been searching for more raspberry recipes after my husband cried "NO MORE JAM!!!" and I believe I've found it! Keep in mind all the recipes I post are not tested - I test them along with you! Let me know how yours turns out, if you decide to make it.

1) Boil a gallon of water
2) Put 4 lbs raspberries in the "fermentation bucket" (a container with
an airtight lid). Mash them a little.
3) Pour the boiling water over the mashed berries. Place the lid on
until the contents cool.
4) Add 3 lbs sugar and 1/4 oz yeast and stir. Close the lid, leaving it
to sit for 5 days. Stir three times per day.
5) Strain the raspberries from the liquid through a cheesecloth, pouring
the liquid into a 1-gallon jug.
6) Seal the jug with a cork or airlock and set in a warm, dark spot for
three months.
7) Siphon the liquid into wine bottles and seal with corks. This wine
does not require further aging although some people say it tastes best
after aging for one year.


  1. is also a great recipe for homemade wine.

  2. This would be approximately 4 cups water per 1 cup berries.

  3. Update August 8th: Stirring it three times a day like the recipe says. If it doesn't turn out its because I added the water a little hot (which miiiight kill the yeast). I also don't have any bottles or corks, so after the five days I'm just going to put it in an airtight Coke bottle. Hey reduce, reuse, recycling eh?

    1. It's now been about 2 1/2 weeks and even though it's in a container with a lid, the lid bulges every couple days with gas, so I have to let the gases escape still. I don't know if this is still due to the yeast or if that's just what wine does continually. Honestly I'm not a wine drinker so I have no clue.