Thursday, 6 September 2012

Peck of Pickled Peppers

Had a very productive day - even before lunch I was doing some canning! I picked a heavy plastic bagful of tomatoes from the garden (it went down to only +6 Celsius last night, so it's getting close to freezing), I managed to get enough peppers to make one small jar of pimentos, and the cucumbers I got from my aunt went towards another cucumber salad and three jars of pickles.

The pickle recipe is on the "Recipes" page, head on over. As for the pimentos, that's easy:
1) Chop and take out the seeds of your hot peppers (I used mostly banana peppers with some red chiles for colour)
2) Fry the peppers in a bit of butter
3) Meanwhile, heat up a cup of oil.
4) Once the peppers are soft, put them into your jar.
5) Pour the hot oil overtop (don't burn yourself!), cover, and tighten lid.
There is no need to process this in a canner - the heat will seal it and you will hear the lid pop quickly.

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