Monday, 22 October 2012

Making Cheese

I found a recipe to make Queso (which is really just the Spanish word for cheese) but this specifically is a "frying cheese" meaning it won't melt.
Heat 2 c. milk to 180 degrees and then stir in 4 Tbsp vinegar. It will immediately separate the whey and start forming clumps. Keep stirring 5-10 minutes (I only stirred 5 minutes). Then pour into a cheesecloth-lined sieve. You don't need to press the cheese (unless you want to), you can keep it in a ball.

After making the cheese, I stored it in a ziploc bag with some paper towel because it still seemed a little damp to me. The taste was good (a little vinegar-y aftertaste) but not too bad for cheese that I whipped up in 10 minutes!! Baby tried some this morning and seemed to like it. Husband (who is Colombian and therefore Queso is one of their main cheeses) tasted it last night and deemed it acceptable.

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