Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Container Gardening Indoors

Here in Manitoba, Zone 3 for you gardening buffs, winter means a long, boring stretch of time, dreaming of my garden. This year I decided to do some houseplants to kill that winter boredom, however I'm not a flower person! If I grow something, it has to be edible or productive in some way (as my uncle says, "If you can't eat it or smoke it, what good is it?").
So I started three cotton plants (I had to give them to my mother because I had no south-facing windows. They sprouted nicely but once they got to about four inches tall, just couldn't go any furhter without more light). After my cotton babies went to a sunnier home, I started a pumpkin (purely as an experiment) which has grown to about six inches tall, and two green onions which are continuously sprouting no matter how much I chop them up into my food.
My aloe vera plant that my mother gave me is doing quite nicely. It's not big enough for harvesting to make an aloe vera drink, but it's handy to snip off a tip whenever I burn my fingers. My potatoes didn't sprout, but I probably didn't wait long enough between cutting and planting, so they probably just rotted.
I also ordered brocolli and lettuce seeds, which will be arriving soon. Hopefully they do well, since they are low-light plants.

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