Monday, 11 March 2013

Baby Sunhats

I just posted a pattern on the "Make Your Own" page illustrating how to make your own baby/toddler sunhats. I love this pattern! Most patterns you'll find on the internet only use 6 pieces but this one uses 8. It makes for more versatility with "patchwork" hats and colour combinations.
These little hats are very easy to whip up and are adorable on. Add some elastic or ribbon if your little one likes to take their hat off. I'm also going to try to experiment with some bucket hat patterns for adult-sized heads. Keep an eye here for the results!

Also some sad news on the "homesteading" front... I had planned on tapping my maple trees this spring, however.... I have lost my single tap. I don't get into the city often enough to go buy some more before the melting starts so I'm putting that project off until next spring. I've got a lot on my plate as it is, offering daycare during the week! I'm sure some of these wee ones will benefit from my hat patterns!

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