Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Manual Sewing

I am trying to reduce my dependence on technology. I'm not some "insane Prepper" who thinks there might be some world catastrophe, solar flare, or electromagnetic pulse that will destroy all electronic signals, but I do believe in getting back to our roots and reducing "screen time" and the need for electrical gadgets. The non-electrical ones require hard work, patience, and give a great workout. So I wanted to give you a challenge: every single thing you do throughout the day stop and think: Am I using a modern gadget or electricity to do this? Could I use an "old-fashioned" gadget to do it instead? For example a can opener - go buy a manual one. Your fancy electric one just won't do in a power outage! I am an avid sewer and thought that buying an old manual treadle machine would be costly, but there are hundreds of mini hand-powered "pocket" sewing machines on Ebay. Anything electronic stemmed from a non-electronic item. Take a look into the roots of all the gadgets you use and see if you can replace them and "down-power" your household.

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