Thursday, 5 February 2015

Pattern Review: Burda 9782

My husband recently bought me Burda #9782 (sleeper with feet or without, and a sleep sack). It goes from 3 months to size 2 and opens along the neck/side with snaps. It has ribbed knit for the neck and cuffs. My daughter can't sleep without something on her feet, and it seems everything in Walmart stops having feet after size 18 months, because they assume they're walking by then. But what if you have a bigger child in that size who is not even close to walking? Well, make your own! I did purchase some of the grippy-fabric though, just to be safe. I made a size 2 for the future (and for fair submission this summer) and a size 6 months.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this pattern. It was very quick to make! However, if a person was an inexperienced sewer, they might be confused at some of the unclear directions. Also, I had to tweak the snap-band a bit. It goes continuously in one piece, but the opposite side has a bit of a corner. So I angled the band at the same place to avoid a bit of waving. Babyville Boutique snaps were used - 9 in total seemed about right.

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